Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Musician | FKay 2 - Feeling Worlds Way

Introducing up and coming urban music group Kay 2. Comprised of rappers / singers / songwriters Michael Dowley (17) and Souhail Matrane (16), Kay 2 are far from shy in expressing their determination and will-power to take over the music industry step by step, and become a household name across the UK and beyond.

Having grown up on a small council estate in Chelsea / Fulham with a rich Moroccan and Irish heritage, music played a monumental part in the upbringing of Kay 2, something which has transcended into the music they make today. "It's basically Pop and Hip Hop, with a mixture of any other genre we like," they reveal, whilst name checking the likes of Mike Posner, New Boyz, Jamie T, Kid Cudi and N-Dubz and some of their musical influences. Indeed it's almost certain that fans of those mentioned will inevitably also be fans of Kay 2, but the fact that their music is so varied and easily accessible means that a majority of their fan base could come from even further afield. They've already peaked at Number 2 on the Myspace UK Unsigned Music Charts, and received interest from countless record labels, distribution companies, and even the American based footwear company 'Kashi Kicks', a trend which looks set to continue even further with the release of their latest single.

'Feeling Worlds Away' is a mournful ode to solitude and alienation, lending influences from the likes of The XX, The Gorrillaz and even Radiohead, resulting in something incredibly powerful which surpasses the age of its writers. The official video for the track alludes to several messages, but leaves the listener to make their own mind up on its meaning. In the words of Michael: "there is a story behind this visual but I can't be arsed to type it down, so if you don't like it f**k off."

Thursday, 24 February 2011

Musician | First Place - 'Best of Me'

Hailing from the Bristol scene, First Place is a musical collaboration between producer OD Hunte, singer Allegra, 19 year old rapper Frenzee and tattooed frontman Yomi Davies. Between them, their credentials include writing for Leona Lewis and Unkle Jam, as well as supporting Lil Chris, Tinie Tempah and Double S.

Their new single ‘Best of Me’ is released in April, and is already being played on channel AKA!

Thursday, 10 February 2011

Musician | GTSolo - Grinding Season

There’s always one artist who manages to slip under the radar in terms of talent and potential GTsolo is one of those artists. Having released the Video ‘Best
Out Ya Speakers’ produced by Grime Hitmaker ‘Skeamz’ in late 2010, the hard and definitely for 2011 thumping bass filled Grime track was highly received gaining considerably exposure on Rinse Fm.

The video clearly separates him from other Grime artists with an artistic visual complimenting the underground sound yet still incorporating a commercial edge. The highly anticipated CD quality with 18 tracks, talent in the UK. GT has worked to date with some of the finest talent most notably within the Grime scene including Dot Rotten, Messy, DDark and Clipper as well as producers Flava D, Wizzy Wow,TeddyMuisc and Skeamz.

Look forward in 2011 to seeing a number of visuals from GTsolo including tracks from ‘Grinding Sessions’ including the ‘Best Out Ya Speakers Remix’ and the GT produced track ‘Winners & Losers”. One of the hottest artist to watch for 2011. Download HERE

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Musician | Jamm Tyme - So You think Yo Can Dance

Jamm Tyme was the name on south london's lips after releasing the energetic infectious summer banger 'so you think you can dance'
whch was accompanied by a video racking up 10,000 views in less than a week showcasing thier captivating dance mooves this video had evrey one wantng to get up and dance.
Only a year into the game and the eclectic trio which consits of uni-klone(rapper/songwriter) jay-Flow (singer/rapper) and soca king (main dancer/choreographer) have managed to rip up shows from london to midlands and as a reward for thier hardwork won the prestigous UK Unsigned 2010 talent competition which has seen previous winners such as leona lewis and n-dubz.

Jamm tyme have also recently released thier much antipated single 'foreva'set to be aired on tv whch displays the diversity of the group including singing,dancing n even comedy! Tipped for big things in 2011 jamm tyme proves the proof is in the pudding you would be a fool not enjoy these guys material..