Friday, 21 January 2011

Musician | Shawn White - Hooks 'N' Verses

Having been born and raised in Peckham, UK, Shaun spent most of his teenage years as a diligent battle rapper in the London grime scene, something which put him in good stead as a recording artist in future years to come. Even now, with an expansive musical pallet and vast range of genres evident in his releases, Shaun utilises every aspect of his environment and cultural experiences to create a basis for music which can’t be defined, nor held back, by any type of boundary.

With his latest solo release, a 20 track deep mix tape titled ‘Hooks & Verses: Volume One’, Shaun emphasises his ability to deliver on an array of different musical styles, from the tongue in cheek punch lines on ‘Tag’ (which sees him going back to back with fellow Fr3e member Big Ven) to the thought provoking subject matter on tracks like ‘Away From Reality’ and ‘Follow Your Dreams’.