Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Musician | Jamm Tyme - So You think Yo Can Dance

Jamm Tyme was the name on south london's lips after releasing the energetic infectious summer banger 'so you think you can dance'
whch was accompanied by a video racking up 10,000 views in less than a week showcasing thier captivating dance mooves this video had evrey one wantng to get up and dance.
Only a year into the game and the eclectic trio which consits of uni-klone(rapper/songwriter) jay-Flow (singer/rapper) and soca king (main dancer/choreographer) have managed to rip up shows from london to midlands and as a reward for thier hardwork won the prestigous UK Unsigned 2010 talent competition which has seen previous winners such as leona lewis and n-dubz.

Jamm tyme have also recently released thier much antipated single 'foreva'set to be aired on tv whch displays the diversity of the group including singing,dancing n even comedy! Tipped for big things in 2011 jamm tyme proves the proof is in the pudding you would be a fool not enjoy these guys material..